The Adinkra symbol for “Knowledge” captures a strong core from which the impact of knowledge flows.

We focus on the combination of different types of know how and skills to unlock lasting results.

Our Strategy

KNOWLEDGE — Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu

Our investment strategy is predicated on three key focus areas, designed to deliver catalytic impact by uncovering new solutions, through:

  • on-the ground know-how and hands-on management in the companies we invest in;
  • our entrepreneurial know- how and experience as the strategic partner-of-choice in challenging environments, and
  • our sustainable investment thinking, allowing us to stay the course with investors and investees to deliver financial and social return.

We do not adhere to a “one size fits all’ approach; we offer our investment holding platform to seek out innovative strategies and synergies with complementary services, to allow for far greater efficiencies – to ultimately have a meaningful impact on our society.